Who are The Chubby Cyclists, anyway?

The Chubby Cyclists is an informal crew, which is open to all whose weight is above 7 and under 177 kilos. This strange crew encourages people to enter the joys of bicycle ride freely, without burdens such as average speed or expensive cycling gear, while fighting for the safe space amid the killers behind the wheel, all the way.

The Chubby Cyclists often put their rides in a particular artistic context. The first action of that kind was taken during the Zalet festival which takes place in Zajecar (Serbia). During that 800 km long tour, Ivana, Deki, Orge, Dena and Tobic were cycling through esoteric roads of Eastern Serbia with ilustrious masks on, made by their early passed away friend and famous artist from Belgrade, Sasa Markovic Mikrob. Among the other performances, let us mention „Chivalrous tournament of Easter egg knocking on bikes”, “Budha-La: A prayer for cobble of Zemun”, “To hell with cyclists”, making and eating the biggest cyclo-sausage of the World (bike made of sausages), cyclo-porn film festival “Pornocycle 2013”, secret night rides, corrective measures for inattentive car drivers and bicycle thieves, and the other misdeeds…  During this spring The Chubby Cyclists are taking campaign “For Zemun’s cobble” which aims to expel motor vehicles from Zemun’s Quay.

The music section of The Chubby Cyclists is particularly interesting. Goran Nikolic Orge (ex member of the band Neocekivana sila koja se iznenada pojavljuje i rešava stvar) conducts the orchestra which makes the music by playing on amplified parts of their bikes.

The Chubby Cyclists are seated in ZMUC, a small cultural centre on Zemun’s Quay, where they installed unique bike stand in the form of pig, just for themselves

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