Screwing things up in a serious manner

During its ten years of existence ZMUC at Zemun Quay hosted and stood for various programs, celebrations of freedom and events of an incomprehensible concept. Exhibitions, concerts, donor nights to cooking of affordable food with “Artists cook on Mondays”, to social support for artists. With the selling exhibition “Stupid Things from China” we helped “Illegal Pastry Chefs” and Pavle Ćosić from their return from Shanghai, and Ivan Tobić to be saved from prison. Live concerts were either held or managed by Goran Orge Nikolić, movies to be screened were selected by Miloš Stefanović, and the most important thing – the bar was held by Goran Lakićević, a ZMUC CEO. Whole lotta literary and satirical evenings were held to celebrate marginal and unimportant authors, a fashion activist Marina Ilić’s wedding dresses from political campaign posters, a journalist’s parties among other things were held since 2005. when Serbian Radical Party was in power in Zemun until 2015, when the Radicals took over Serbia. Working model of voluntary contributions was appropriated from “Anarchy Block 45”.

We were a small space with a large audience, with artists, cyclists and neighbors, marginal in every sense and one footnote of Belgrade. And we were a Chubby cyclists’ headquarters.

The ZMUC at Zemun Quay was closed with a heartbreaking party on April, 24th, 2015. The then “armchair communists” overnight transformed themselves into “armchair capitalists”.

We are now running our activities from the places we find most comfortable with.

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Museum of Corruption / Municipality of Budva / 2017 Date: January-June 2017. Support: IPA 2016, through the Center for Civic Education (CCE) in Podgorica Realization: ZMUC through NGO Za Druga


Zemun XIX International Salon of Caricature commemorating the centenary of the beginning of World War I, is realized this year by TRAG publishing house (Branko Najhold and Bojana Ivanović) and ZMUC, supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade.
The works by the most eminent cartoonists were sent from 71 countries from all continents. A special part of the exhibition was 60 authentic caricatures from the time of the First World War, reflecting actual war propaganda on both warring parties.


Myths, expectations, fears and dilemmas of the cultural scene in Serbia regarding joining the European Union – are the subject of a series of video interviews conducted by ZMUC and SEEcult.org with actors in the cultural sector within the project “Why YES NO to the EU?” The interlocutors are Euro-enthusiasts, Eurosceptics, and undecided – both from the institutional and independent scene.


The area of ZMUC on the Zemun quay (Njegoševa 53) was recognizable as a small place with a large audience.

During ten years of work in the area on the Zemun quay, events, programs and events of an incomprehensible concept were organized. From exhibitions, concerts and programs, Artists Cook on Mondays, through the Festival of Meaningless Skills, a summer competition program held in the fall, to social support for artists and organizations through auctions and the Exchange of Clothes at the initiative of TKV.