Zemun Art Center ZMUC from Belgrade and a Museum of Corruption (MoC) creative team, would like to bring your attention to the abuse of MoC art project original concept design by the Center for Civic Education – CCE from Podgorica.

As selfie exposes a person via self-portrait photo, so CCE exposes itself as an organization that produced a new exhibit by Selfie – New Acquisitions, in the Museum of Corruption. MoC expands the perception of corruption from the abuse of public office to the moral inability of an individual to do things for the benefit of the community.


The new exhibit in the museum deals with CCE unprofessional conduct, potentially damageable to entire NGO sector, particularly to small arts and culture organizations. Transparency and the abiding by good practice are above all important, when CSOs are dealing with projects that carry corruption in its title. A public debate is necessary whenever there is a case of appropriation of small organizations` project ideas, activities or entire projects by those that are big and influential.


Since founded by ZMUC and Society against Corruption (DRPKO) from Zrenjanin, Serbia in February 2016., Museum of Corruption was realized in various creative formats.


Upon call for proposals by CCE, Museum of Corruption has also been realized via partner`s organizations, by ZMUC in Budva, 2017. In the meantime, a genuine interest shown by CCE to “develop program to entire Montenegro” became, by appropriation of its’ most effective part, CCE application for IPA grant with “Let`s put Corruption into Museum!“ project. With IPA grant won, the explanation given to authors of the original platform was „the application was just inspired by the existing Museum of Corruption”.


Learning from experience with influential NGO misconduct, we appeal to organizations involved in latest CCE Call for proposals (http://cgo-cce.org/2018/01/22/smjestimo-korupciju-u-muzej-konkurs/#.WpfE3nwo_IV) to pay special attention to potential irregularities. In order to lawfully protect their project ideas we would like to warn small CSOs in Montenegro to copyright their projects.


We also appeal to European funders in Podgorica, when support capacity building of NGO sector, not to distribute European taxpayers’ money to “anti-corruption administration” but to nonprofit citizens’ representatives.


In order to address the problem independent organizations and individuals are often faced with, and to protect copyrights on Museum of Corruption we have informed European Commission and EU Delegation in Montenegro on the abuse and appropriation of project formulation.


Museum of Corruption is an interdisciplinary platform for displaying a virtual collection of corruption mechanisms, both in legal and in ethical sense through practical, theoretical and critical assessment using contemporary museology methods. Paraphrasing Kazimir Malevich and the Soviet Avant-garde’s position that museums are the cemeteries of art, by manipulating the very concept of museum and corruption, the project vision is to move corruption from real life into a museum setting.


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