Movable residencies

ZMUC organizes regional multimedia art colony in the village Babe (Serbia), which is the continuation of a long-term project, Movable residencies – implemented in Serbia, Montenegro and Albania since 2013 in cooperation with associations Za Druga (Petrovac) and Zeta Centre (Tirana).

The basic idea of the project is innovation in all aspects of the organization of art colony today and redefining the traditional forms of the art colony according to the needs of contemporary art practice.

Movable Residencies is a long-term regional project co-authored by a Serbian, Montenegrin and Albanian art centres, which aims to connect the independent art scene in the region and facilitate its expansion in the Balkans. The project’s hallmark – the movable regional art colonies – focuses on building audience and mobility of artists in the Balkans. Project partners are Zemunski mali umetnički centar ZMUC (Serbia), Za Druga (Montenegro) i Zeta Centar (Albania).

 The project was supported by the European Cultural Foundation, the Serbian Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Budva (Montenegro).

 Since its start in 2012 in Serbia, Montenegro and Albania, the aim of the Movable Residencies has been to foster communication among artists and between artists and their audiences across political, social and financial borders by creating alternative locations for producing and showing art outside of the mainstream – and static – art centres.

 In 2013 and 2014 in small villages in Serbia, Montenegro and Albania two newly established residencies hosted a number of art colonies with multimedia artists from the region, including architecture students from Belgrade, and local writers.

 Constant movement, crossing physical state borders together with changing cultural context and the restrictions of one media has lead to fresh, cross-border art exchange. Direct, engaged communication with the audiences has resulted in the establishment of new creative spaces for future use by the local communities.

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