2nd Movable writers in residency in Montenegro, Blzikuće



2nd Writers-in-residence in Montenegro will be realized from October 1st till 14th 2015.

Residency site is the old stone house in the village Blizikuće above St. Stefan.


This year`s residency is a follow up of a long-term project Movable residencies / Mobile colonies, a regional collaboration between 3 organizations from Serbia, Montenegro and Albania – ZMUC from Belgrade, Za Druga from Petrovac and Zeta Center from Tirana. The aim is to initiate a multidisciplinary art residency while using traditionally organized art colony as a tool for searching for a new definition of artistic practices and communities in disadvantaged areas. This year’s residence is the third in Montenegro since the launch of the project in 2013, and the second with writers as residents.

Participants at the residency will be 12 writers from ex-Yu – Renato Baretić, Mima Simić, Želimir Periš, Olja Savičević- Ivančević, Zoran Pilić (CRO), Nenad Veličković (B-H), Borivoj Gerzić, Muharem Bazdulj, Vule Žurić, Nina Živančević ,Oto Oltvanji (SRB) and Ilija Đurović (MNE). Milena Selimi, literary translator from Albania will be a guest at the residency.

At the beginning of 2015 residency, a collection of new and unpublished stories by the previous year residents will be presented. A topic Taboos in transition was the framework for their writing. The authors, represented in the book, are – Ognjen Spahić, Goran Gocić, Vladislava Vojnović, Lamija Begagić, Faruk Šehić, Staša Aras, Želimir Periš, Zoran Pilić, Stefan Bošković, Mikajlo Bodiroga, Aleksandar Ljubiša, Vasko Raičević and Đorđe V. Gregović. Nova Knjiga from Podgorica will be a publisher.


 As it was in the last year residency, a blog http://www.seecult.org/blog/5649 will be made available for residents to write and edit. Several public readings are also planned in the Montenegrin towns, just in the spirit of the project Movable residences, focusing on direct communication between the authors and the audience.

 Language and communities is this year residency general topic. During the two week residency, writers will discuss on many important semantic issues (distortion of language, linguistic heritage and new language, foreign words, modern day language and experiment, etc.). However, these considerations on language will be edged by the authors’ own perception of the particular space and the community in an informal and creative environment.

Writer’s residency in the village Blizikuće is organized with the support of the international TRADUKI network and the Municipality of Budva.


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