Triangulation: Regional artists exchange program

(Serbia, Montenegro, Albania) 3 curators x 3 artist x 3 cities


Triangulation is the artists residency project in three different cities in the region, aiming to establish close cooperation between guest and host curator and artist. In such an established situation, it is assumed that two angles, representing host curator and artist, determine the position of a third one, an artist and curator in residence. Reciprocal visit significantly multiplies the outcomes.


The project was inspired by the concept of triangulation borrowed from psychology. It means overcoming barriers in the way that communication is achieved via a third party, with the aim of creating unpredictable dynamics. Introduction of a third party in a local, well-known and defined environment influences the creation of new issues and contemporary themes. Triangulation gives new content and meaning to that communication, and thereby acts as a platform for the realization of contemporary artistic expression. Competitiveness, which is achieved by introducing a third member, contributes to the diversity of the content of the final presentation / exhibition, because it relies on various sources of inspiration.

Technically speaking, the project will be realized in three regional capitals (Belgrade, Tirana, Podgorica) in three countries (Serbia, Albania, Montenegro) in cooperation of three organizations ZMUC, ZETA Center and Za Druga, three curators and three artists (later selected by the curators). Triangulation encourages local and regional collaboration of artists and curators, but also acts as an alternative and unpredictable network in which the introduction of the third member can conceptually strengthen two-way cooperation, which often works airtight.

A short term residency in Tirana/Albania curated by internationaly aclaimed curator Maja Ćirić with New York – Belgrade based artist Marina Marković starts in October 14th, 2015. The Albanian host will be Zeta Center and a selected Albanian artist. The residency in Tirana will act as one of three points in Triangulation.The final event following the project outcome in each of these centers, will be in exhibition or presentation format.

Triangulation is realised between organizations from Serbia, Montenegro and Albania, that are, for the third consequtive year, developing Movable residences/Mobile colonies – networking of the exhisting art residencies and workshops, formal and informal groups advancing the next generation of artist communities. The project Triangulation is suported by Ministry of Culture of Republic of Serbia.

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