Iste kiše, isti vjetar / The same rain, the same wind

International, multicultural, multimedia, art project

Artists are from: Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, India, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Slovenia, Serbia, Thailand and USA

Introduction; (Eugen Borkovsky, curator)

การประชุม; SUSRET; MEETING

The project Same rain same wind initiates a wide, intercultural questioning on the purpose and influence of artistic and multimedia creative work. I wished that we, artists from Europe together with artists from different cultural backgrounds, all gathered here, in Chiangmai in Thailand, think on topic that concern us all. Many different groups of artists are to be found exhibiting, all of them posing visual and multimedia problems in their intellectual and creative discussions. One of these groups is artists from the host country, Kingdom of Thailand with other groups coming from all over the world.  

Judging from euro-American perspective, a personal benefit, success and fame of any artists comes with a presence in western European or American art discourses. Aiming at this paradigm, the act of artistic creation is somehow striped of its` true universality. Individual approach in comparison to various art groups, schools or directions becomes prominent within this project.    

The works of artists that perceive the world around somewhat differently one to another are to be found. Hosts, artists from Thailand, are those who are inside the same framework. The meeting, a group exhibition takes place at The Art Center, ChiangMai, Thailand. The space itself is a huge, two storey museum, divided into smaller sections. The city of ChiangMai is a cultural capital of Thailand, the second largest city after Bangkok, which is seven hundred kilometers south.

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