Movable writer`s colony in Montenegro

10 writers from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro write on the subject Taboo in transition. The first Montenegreen literary colony was held in Blizikuće and Rezevici within project Movable residences, .

Participants in this literary colony were Goran Gocić, Vladislava Vojnović and Slavica Agatonović from Serbia, Staša Aras from Croatia, Aleksandar Ljubiša, Stefan Bošković, Vasko Raičević, Djordje V. Gregović and Ognjen Spahić from Montenegro and Lamia Begagić from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Writers have held public readings in Petrovac, where he opened the first bookstore in the history of the place, then in Budva, Bar and Podgorica, a public lecture with students of Gymnasium Kotor.

During the 15 days colonies (from 20 September to 4 October 2014), regularly conducted and the “basement discussions.” On the subject of taboo in Transition held a concert maga margins Slobo bouzouki, informal premiere of the film, Stefan Savic and Goran Gocic ..

 Literary Colony is a step in the interdisciplinarity Mobile residence.

 The project is supported by the Municipality of Budva, and sponsors were the Tourist Organization of Budva and Pavlovic family from Rijeka Reževića.

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