Multimedia movable colony in Serbia( village Babe, 2014)

Supported by the Ministry of Culture and Media Serbia a multimedia colony on “Taboos in transition.” was held in the village of Babe from August 10th to 23rd. In addition to a dozen works by 10 visual and other artists from the region, the joint Initiative for the restoration of one of the symbols of Kosmajmountain – well known monument to fallen partisans in World War II was initiated. The monument was desecrated earlier in 2014 by the theft of a large bronze relief. The monument was built in 1971 and is the work of sculptor Vojin Stojic and architect Gradimira Medaković. Participants: Branislav Nikolic, Nemanja Čađo, Senka Trivunac, Dragana Nikoletić, Katarina Švabić, Nikola Simanić, Vladimir Jaksic, Djordje V. Gregović

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