Museum of Corruption / Municipality of Budva / 2017

Museum of Corruption / Municipality of Budva / 2017

Date: January-June 2017

Support: Center for Civic Education (CCE) in Podgorica

Realization: ZMUC, Za Druga and Agora

Results: Corruption price list, 2 performances (Hotel AS and Municipality of Budva), 3 presentations, workshop with Faculty of Visual Arts students in Podgorica, 10 bilbords – solutions for ten corrupted affair scandals, posted in Budva at Museum Day 18th May

Authors: Aleksandra Radojičić, Bato Boljević, Bojan Bošković, Daniela Ćeranić, Dimitrije Benić, Goran Jokanović, Goran Šćekić, Miloš Albijanić, Miloš Tomašević and Marija Marković Jury: Nikola Simanić, prof. at the Faculty of Visual Arts in Podgorica, Mirela Čormaković, art historian, and Goran Denić, academic sculptor and art director of the project  

The MUSEUM OF CORRUPTION project is based on the idea of art as a tool for social change that moves to action and at the same time provokes radical anti-corruptive awareness among citizens in order to affirm a personality – to defend one from yourself – as a forgoten value in Montenegrin society today.

The specific goal of this project is to present corrupt practices and examples of corruption to the  public, through artistic intervention and their transformation from the real into the virtual – MUSEUM OF CORRUPTION, recently admitted to the International Council of Museums (ICOM).

Key words of the virtual museum are: morality – immorality, structure – devastation, institutions – private links, law – circumvention of regulations, custom – practice, exposed – exhibit, standards – defamation, visible – invisible, planned – selfish; broken: man, architecture, language, intent …


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